OriginPro licencing at ANU

The Research School of Physics and Engineering has purchased an ANU site licence for OriginLab's OriginPro data analysis and graphing software. This enables anyone at ANU to run the latest version of OriginPro for a much cheaper price than buying a copy outright.

About OriginPro

OriginPro is a powerful, extendable data analysis and graphing package. For more information on the features and capabilities of OriginPro visit the OriginLab web site

Licence types

Network licence

Network licences are the prefered option.

Network licences for OriginPro are charged per computer at a rate of $75/yr.

Network licences are designed for computers that will spend the majority of their time on campus connected to the ANU network. Network licences include a "borrow" feature enabling you to disconnect your computer from the network for a period of time and still use Origin. Currently the maximum time you can borrow a licence for is 28 days.

Notes for Network Licence:

  • Lower cost.
  • Network licences will continue functioning without the interruption of having to request and install a new licence file yearly.
  • Fuss free licencing.
  • This is the recommended option for Desktop machines.
  • You must have a static ANU IP Address. Dynamic DHCP may cause problems communicating with the origin licence servers.

Stand alone licence

At this stage stand alone licences are only available for use by members of the Colleges of Science.

Stand alone licences for OriginPro are charged per computer at a rate of $150/yr.

Stand alone licences suit computers that must use Origin while disconnected from the ANU network on a regular basis. They must also be re-licenced each year through a similar process to a new install. If this isn't the case then the Network Licence is highly recommended.

Notes for Stand Alone Licences:

  • Higher cost.
  • More disruption in applying a new licence file every year.
  • Suitable for laptops that need Origin functionality when not on Campus.
  • More complicated initial setup.


When you request a licence for Origin your budget authority will be emailed to approve the charge. The initial charge will be a pro-rata rate to cover the period up to the yearly licence renewal date of 14 June. Upon reaching the yearly renewal your budget authority will be contacted to approve the charge for the coming year.

How to get OriginPro

Step 1. Request a Licence
Step 2. Install Origin


Origin licences renewals are due at the begining of June each year. New licences purchased in the last two months of the licencing year (April/May) are charged at a reduced rate.

If you wish to ask any questions about the ANU Origin licence please contact origin@anu.edu.au

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